Want to learn to do your own PR?

In April 2017, JLNPR will launch the DIY.JLNPR online course, which will teach businesses how to develop their own highly effective B2B PR campaign targeting the hotel industry - without hiring an expensive PR agency. The course contains 30+ hours of step-by-step training materials that teaches:

  1. What is public relations?
  2. How to establish your company as an expert to boost sales.
  3. How to write effective press releases, media alerts & other written PR materials.
  4. How to make your business more profitable using PR.

In short, the DIY.JLNPR course gives you the tools to more effectively sell your product or service to hotels, without blowing your marketing budget.

Want to get started with your own PR today? Download JLNPR's new guide:
"How to Use PR to Boost Sales - Without Blowing Your Budget"